Prototypes & Product Designs


Printed Keyrings –2012

ABS with stainless fasteners. Superior to other multitool-style keychains because the fasteners do not slowly unscrew themselves and the design accommodates all key sizes, while others are manufacturered in a normal and an “extended” variation.

You can buy them here.


FourAthens Trophies –2015


Commission for Athens-based startup incubator FourAthens. Trophies for their annual startup awards ceremony, printed to resemble floppy disks. Cali Brutz, founder of Borrowing Magnolia, tests whether her “Startup of the Year” award is edible. It isn’t. A build log can be seen here.


Ichor Sports System Monitoring Enclosures –2015/6


Ichor’s injection molded enclosures were off-spec and did not safely house the electronics. They needed three enclosures with little to no turnaround time. These were delivered in 48 hours and proved to be surprisingly durable, lasting for months on UGA football players’ wrists.