Revolving Bookcase –2015


I built this bookcase to conceal a closet that lacked a door. Most “hidden bookcase” designs use pivot hinges (the decent ones sell for upwards of $200). I cut that price down by an order of magnitude with the help of two bar stool swivels, each rated at 500 pounds. The swivels attach at the top and bottom of the bookshelf and allow for effortless movement. There’s an added feeling of safety with the swivels–they have a significantly larger contact area with the bookcase than pivot hinges, and they are secured with 8 bolts each. As a final touch, a powerful neodymium magnet helps guide the top right corner of the bookcase’s frame into place when closing, allowing the shelves to blend into the surrounding trim work.


TV Stand Hidden Storage & Work Area –2016


Living downtown means limited space. I converted this living room alcove into a TV stand with easily-accessed storage both behind a small bookshelf and beneath the TV itself, behind a large panel. Six longboard wheels support the shelf and safely glide over the floor without the risk of damaging the hardwood. Additional molding hides the wheels from sight. The TV stand is flanked by tall shelves on both sides to accommodate more books or other decoration. The middle section of this piece opens into a work area for sewing. The surface behind the fold-down door is cushioned to permit fabric pinning and ironing. Once opened, the door locks into the top of the bookshelf, securing the work surface into place.


My Workshop Space