‘DUNGEON’ Controller and Interactive Environment


Commission for DUNGEON: A Role-Playing Stand Up Comedy Show

  • Fiberglass with 3D printed features
  • Four button wireless controller
  • 250+ ft range
  • Receiver concealed inside D20 prop | USB connection
  • Interactive Environment (Unity3D) for dice rolls and more


Dungeon is a stand-up comedy show that recreates an impromptu Dungeons & Dragons experience between the host (the Dungeon Master) and an on-stage comedian (the player). The performance requires a series of dice rolls to determine the outcome of various scenarios. Prior to using this controller, the host relied on an off-stage assistant who manually pressed a key in a generic dice-rolling application. The tentacle device featured here returns control directly to the host, eliminating the need for an assistant as well as removing the disruptive delays that accompanied each of the host’s dice roll prompts.


The controller is custom fiberglass with 3D-printed accent “suckers,” molded to fit the contours of the host’s hand and arm. Four buttons are hidden among the tentacle suckers and provide a range of controls, including normal dice rolls, “weighted” dice rolls, and scene changes. The performer’s sleeve conceals the battery and circuit board enclosures.


In addition to showing dice rolls, the interactive environment was designed to identify the performers via custom images. The host simply drops each comedian’s image (which he draws himself to fit the theme of the night’s performance) into a designated folder. The application then dynamically generates the necessary number of environments per file.